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There are some brilliant aviation artists around and being aware of my abilities lets just say , I paint them for fun. I suppose I have always been drawing and painting them though from a child and now if I really try... Well, by painting them in Oils or Acrylics I can remedy any mistakes. The great thing is re-creating the past, giving it light and depth.
I Hope you enjoy them.
Training days,   Tiger Moths at Biggin Hill.
Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”      SOLD

“ The Coastal Area...”


The Red Arrows formation of Five scream past Carr Naze to bank into a long turn and into Scarborough Bay, to join formation with a vertical burst over the Seaside Town. Grand!  Acrylic on Paper Size 24” x 16”

“ Dangerous Moon...”


A single Westland Lysander edges down to treetop height in the Ardennes region of occupied France. Darkly camouflaged and flying on low revs, this secret mission could be life or death. The break in the clouds could be fatal and the landing sight is now so near...

Acrylic on paper. Size 16” x 22”

“Elvington Harvest 1943...”


Waving off yet another Halifax Bomber from the local Airfield, the harvesters wish them a safe return. Unfortunately ‘R’ Roger will not return and someone's sweetheart will be one of many mourners. Kassel in Germany will also be mourning...

Acrylic on paper size  16” x 12” approx

“ Dispersal of the Giants...”


From an unknown airfield in the Lincolnshire fens, the roar of mighty engines breaks the peace of morning. The birds of War are ready, the plans are laid and the men of England will do their duty. Only the Gods know  what will be, we must do our best and pray for favour.

“ A Hard won Morning...”

A night raid on the German Rail yards at Bad Zwischenahn, in Holland under heavy flack in the winter of ‘44. Seventy seven heavy bombers from Lincolnshire and Norfolk crewed with young men, some with months of experience, only a very few with a year or more, flying to Hell and Back. Shot up and chilled to the bone, two of seventeen ‘Lancs, lumber home to No 103 sqdn ElshamWolds in the first light of a frozen morning. A cup of Tea and a warm bed is top of their list...

Acrylic on paper. Size 28” x 18”



“ Turning the Tide...”


It is Summer 1944.Two youngsters thrill to the sight and sounds of a group of new Lancasters as they fly out over the Channel via Hastings. Three years earlier the Hastings Luggers had their Day as they became the Heroes of Dunkirk.

Acrylic on paper size 16” x 25”

“ In the grip of Passion and Fear...”  Kent 1940


A young pilot dives down to a dangerous altitude in a protracted dogfight, giving the harvesters a shock and a young boy a life long memory of a distant summer. The World is on fire and all England is in the Grip of Passion and Fear...                 Acrylic on Paper  16” x 25”


“ The History Lesson...”


Two Spitfires on a training flight from a Sussex airfield detour to study the  stone circle of Avebury in Wiltshire. On a summer evening the War Gods seem far off and the ancient world grips their imagination... For a moment at least                                        Acrylic on Paper Size 24” x 16”

“ Force of Destiny...”

Flying up into the Sunset with the English Channel in the distance,four Polish flyers scramble in pursuit of German Flying Bombs. Led by Flt Lft Otto Smik of the Polish Air Group of RAF Squadron No 312. Based at  Lympe in Kent, their courage and determination made them a force to be reckoned with.                   Acrylic on paper size 15” x 24 “

  A Fine art Print is available of this Painting

        “Deadly Angels”

The evening sun shines on our guardians.

     Two Spitfires pilots celebrate the prize of battle. What will tomorrow bring ?

“ The Geometry of Flight...”


The final line up of the most outstanding passenger aircraft in the World, which ended service on October 24th 2003.


Acrylic on Whatman Paper size 8” x 28”.

“ A Bird on the wing...”


The sinister shape of the SR 71 Blackbird excites like something out of a science fiction film and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular aircraft ever built. Capable of speeds in excess of 3000 mile an hour and altitudes of more than seventeen miles, it’s role in strategic reconnaissance evolved from the earlier U2 Spy plane.

Acrylic on Paper Size 58 x 40 cm     




“Final Reunion...”   Apollo 17


The last  men on the Moon make rendezvous with the Mother ship. ‘Challenger meets America...’ The whole mission put mankind into space and the moon felt the presence of  ‘Life’ for the first time. From Apollo 8 to 17 the prize was hard won and deadly for others.

Acrylic on paper Size 62 x 48 cm          


When Buzz Aldrin stepped out of the Lunar Module onto the Sea of Tranquility on July 20th 1969 just two words described the scene...  ‘Magnificent Desolation’            

Acrylic on paper Size 8” x 27”

James B Irwin watches the Silent Earth rise from a viewpoint on the Hadley Delta Range, overlooking the Apennine Plains  Apollo 15  August 1971    ‘ Mother Earth ‘ Acrylic on paper Size 8” x 27”

Apollo 15 1971. ‘A Man on the Moon...’

James B Irwin watches the silent Earthrise form the Apennine Plains. The first Apollo ‘J’ Mission provided long duration backpacks and the electronic four wheel drive ‘Lunar Rover’                           Acrylic on paper Size 15” x 15”


A small gallery of motor-sport images

What can you say about Rossi, a fearless genius on two wheels and probably the best ever of the World Champions. Proof is the number of wins and the way he wins.  ‘The Doctor’ dishes out the medicine.

Acrylic on canvas  Size 20” x 30”

Mike Hailwood was the same, from another era yet even more  gifted, the drama of his TT wins shows this. His racing  career  was ending  just as I was starting to  take interest in motor sport, so I missed  most of his wins  yet I did see him win at Mallory Park in 69. This Oil painting was done years before I was a full time artist, when I was in my teens. This is the oldest painting  on my website and is owned by a friend who proudly hangs it on his lounge wall.


Lewis Hamilton. This Watercolour painting is a montage of Man and Machine in classic format. Also available as a limited edition print . Price £36.00 plus P&P.



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