Interiors Gallery

I have always painted interiors, but recently I have looked to create a collection to exhibit  in line with my other work. This is why I have included this new Gallery into my website.
These paintings combine a strength of colour and a delicate use of detail to create the light that is so much a part of each.
From simple terraced houses to great Cathedrals, the subjects cover over a thousand years of inspiration.

‘ On a quiet Morning...’

Watercolour on Whatman 200 lb  Not. Image size 22 x  28 cm.  Framed size 42 x 54 cm


“Afternoon Tea...”


This new watercolour captures the dining room of a small terraced house dating from around 1880.The year is 1910 and the table is set for the afternoon ritual. With only gas light and not much sun, the tidy well ordered room looks dark but inviting.

Image size 24 x 35.

“The Office...”

Business as usual in the Victorian workplace with all mod cons and a view as well. This watercolour captures the atmosphere of the 1910 office and framed in Silver and mounted in Flecked white with a black site edge, the painting looks stunning. Image size 28 x 35 cm


“ A Woman's Work...”


The small living room of this terraced house provides a good place to dry the washing and whilst the time passes a rag rug is being worked on.

The large window of this cosy back room gives good working light for  the job in hand. Just a normal day in 1910.


Watercolour size 27 x 30 cm.

Framed size 56 x 63 cms

“ The Cultured Society...”


This Plush Victorian Music room, with all the refinements of the age gives us a picture of strict study, with Five finger exercises, repeated scales and time beating with a stick, not to mention knuckles. The age of Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst still rings in our ears. What Inspiration !


Watercolour size 24 x 32cm

Framed size 55 x 63



“Tea with Ted...”


This plush room in our Victorian House is again lit by the solitary window. With a bright sunny afternoon the light streams in and highlights the table set for tea.The children of the house are off washing their hands whilst Ted sits waiting for his share.

Image size approx 21 x 33 cm

Off white mottled Mount with black core inner slip edge with 3” silver and slight gold frame. Size 41 52 approx.

Guide price £895.00

“The Crib...”


Now the year is 1620, and in the upstairs bedroom of Oakwell Hall the afternoon sun bathes the Oaken crib in warm light. The painted figure of the little girl in the background, used by houses at the time to give the illusion of children around, can now be put away. A new arrival will soon fill the house with trouble...  

Watercolour on Whatman 200 Not.

(In my own collection.)

“ The entrance of High Men...”


1520 and in the heart of Haddon Hall, the main door opens to flood the passage with light. The servants scurry off to bring food and firewood,

Wine and warmth for the Lord of the Manor.God help those who frustrate the mighty people of Tudor England. Watercolour size 17 x 40. Cm Guide price  


“Baking day in a Victorian Kitchen...”


The Great house is throbbing with activity as servants prepare a huge meal for Family and Guests. The large windows of the Kitchen flood light in whilst the ovens steam and boil and the new Bread and Cakes are well under way. The year is 2010 and now the kitchen is set for the tourist who can just imagine what it was like.

Watercolour size 36 x 28.

Framed size approx 56 x 44 cm.

“Pride of Place...”



This Small Watercolour captures in stunning detail the view from room to room in a Victorian Terrace. The beautifully kept furnishings testify to the well ordered lives of those who live here and despite the hardships those lives could be  full and rewarding. Times change though and by 1913 the world was beginning to focus on a new way of life.

Watercolour size 20 x 25 cms Image shows mount style and approximate colour. Framed in Silver Gilt 2 3/4” hard wood frame.


“Lorde help thowse who myghte  wrong the Kynge...” Especially when that King is Henry VIII. Swayed by the advances of the Kings new wife, Catharine Howard, the young man about court,Thomas Culpepper entered into a steamy affair with the new Queen, who, to make matters worse was in fact his cousin. His father owned a foundry which cast the guns for the Mary Rose, but Pleas for leniency were thrown out and when caught he was soundly stretched and chopped in the Tower. This beautiful tomb is in Goudhurst Church, Kent.

A Stunning watercolour with a hand written copy of the letter to Thomas Culpepper by Katherine Howard set in the mount.

Image size 73 x  20 cms






    The Historic Townend Farmhouse at Troutbeck in Cumbria. Another window view, another Day, but back in the early 1800’s.

    Watercolour size 23 x 16 cms

Brand New Day  Townend  Troutbeck

The Culpepper Effigy


“The Cloister...”


Laycock Abbey in Wiltshire, a wealthy County House created out of a Medieval Abbey. A clash of lifestyles from austerity to opulence you might say but giving us now, a rare gem with a history of incredible importance.

It was here that William Henry Fox Talbot pioneered photography and the first photograph was taken of one of the small Oriel windows in the South Gallery of the House. My painting is of an older window, never glazed and of a time when only pen and brush could capture an image. I know the feeling well !

Watercolour on Fabriano 140lb Not.

Size 25 x 53 approx. Guide price £1250.00

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