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I think the shore line of England is  incredible and I want to paint many more views like this. From Lindisfarne to Hastings and Scotland to Cornwall the subjects are endless and always a pleasure. I hope you like this minute but growing collection.

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“Approaching storm, Bamburgh.”


What a stunning location for a storm to brew up in and this watercolour captures the drama as the sky turns angry and steams into the Northumberland coast.  Image size 74 x 22 cm  Framed size 102 x 49 cm

“Force Eight...”

Yorkshire coast near Scarborough.


The forces of nature stir up the elements and we can stand and stare and do little else, except possibly paint.

Do it in the studio though, in a wind like this your board will be  gone before you can reach for your pencil.

Watercolor approx size 55 x 59 cm




The tiny fishing harbour of Dunure in Ayrshire held this collection of fisherman's stuff which turned me on in no time at all. I just had to paint it. Am I a masochist or what?

Image size 66 x 44 cm approx.

 Framed size 107 x 78 cm. Double thick mount with 3.5” Silver and Gold modern frame.  mount with 3.5ge

“ Grand Harbour... With ship”

             (For want of a better title)


 This really is Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta in fact. A massive fortress built by the Knights of St John, who with great foresight constructed the enormous defences to withstand the might of the Ottoman Turks who plundered the Mediterranean Seas. The siege of Malta in 1565 was to become the greatest in History. It was a lot quieter when we were there.This is a great Watercolour as well Size 66 x 39 cm -Image. Framed size 94 x 70 cm

Framed size 94 x 70

“ Walking on Gold...”


              Oil on canvas size 120 x 60 cm


This is Filey, on the Yorkshire coast.  The Beach, which is backed by high cliffs and the high sweep of land jutting into the North Sea, known as the Brig. A single figure walks the watery sands in the evening sunlight and forms the focus of this simple, yet stunning oil painting. Framed with 3.5” silver/ gold frame with an Ivory coloured slip.

Guide price £2000.00

Guide price £2400.00

“Beachcombers I”


Oil on Canvas size 51 x 41 cm


This is another of the Filey Trio I have recently painted and forms a pair with the one below. The same evening light and the simple subject caught in the halo of sunlight.

Framed to match the one above.



“ Beachcombers II ”


Oil on Canvas size 51 x 41 cm


Two figures, Boy and Girl, looking for shells in the sea washed sands of Filey beach. A painting capturing all the warmth and light of a prefect summers evening on the beach. Framed as a pair.




The Yorkshire coast has some wonderful harbours, and the small fishing village at Staithes is truly great.

Only Cornwall can really give it some serious competition. This watercolour is on Whatman Paper size 50 x 46 cms











Watercolour size 50 x 46 cm







We’ve spent a lot of time at Filey, thanks to the Mark Lewis Gallery that sadly now has closed. However the times we had there have provided me with some great images to paint. This is a new one and shows the Cobble Landing in high summer. Hope you like it.

         Watercolour size approx 8” x 27”  Available as a Print also

Best of British...Filey


“Seaside Sunset...”   Blackpool sands    Watercolour size 11” x 14” approx.

“The Salt Wind...”

The same location, almost.

The storm winds have past and the salt blows on the air, wild rough flowers face the sun and brave the elements. The high cliffs stand firm and their beauty draws walkers and painters from far and wide.  Me included.


Watercolour same as above.

“ Passing Storm... Whitby.”


It seemed like a bad move at the time, just arriving when a stormy downpour was washing the rooftops. Minutes later the clouds cracked open and the sun burst through.

One of the best views around...

 Watercolour on Whatman Paper.

Image size 71 x 46.  Framed size approx 101 x 75.cm



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