Urban Gallery

From my home village to large Cities, the Urban subjects are many and varied. These are also the most difficult to get right and the most rewarding when they are.
To capture a busy street scene requires patience and a good camera but the composition is always adjusted on the drawing board. Depth and perspective only comes alive with a good eye for the recession of colour from near to far.

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“First Snow...”

 Size 15.5 x 27 image
Life at the top of a grand hill has its rewards  but only if the nearest shop is not at the bottom. Icy roads are no bonus.
Watercolour 2017
Size 47 x 62 Cms approx
“Christmas with the Dog...”
What is Christmas all about... As Bacup pushes the boat out again with festive exuberance, winter bites, the only real sign of Christmas our man here will see.  Locked in his world of solitude , a single card, a meal like any other day and  bilge on the telly, there's no Magic and Sparkle here.  His dog knows as much as he wants to know about life's jolly blast.
A watercolour on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb paper  size 17 x  16” POA
An old Millwright  amuses his grandson with tales of Looms and shuttles, bobbins and Pies, cotton and Rayon. Years of night shifts and bike rides flood his memory banks and trip out with feelings of nostalgic delight. Little Tyson will never work in a Mill.
Burnley’s decline is there to see, down by the canal.

Watercolour on Saunders Paper.
Size approx 19 x 34 inch Framed  POA




“ Supply and Demand...”


   This watercolour captures the quieter end of the day in Bury’s open market,when stall-holders hang on for the last sales and shoppers hang on for the real bargain. A work of contrasts and details and patience...

Watercolour on Arches Fine Grain (cold pressed) 300gm Cotton Paper.

Image size 59 x 29 cm Framed size 83 x 54 cm


Available as a Fine Art Giclee Print POA



A Stunning new collection of Acrylics on Canvas in Monochrome of The City of Rome

These Paintings cover a single day in Rome from early morning

through to late afternoon, from the streets of modern Rome to the ancient Forum and the Palatine.

Sizes are 60 x 60 cms  Large  40 x 40 small   40 x80 Tall




The view of the Beetham Tower from Deansgate  Manchester. A complex of walkways stretches from one block of apartments to another. Down on street level the life goes on. What is the conversation about nowadays... The price of fish, the weather, possibly the  socio - democratic outlook of the Greek ruling elite back in the early 1950’s, or is it the Architecture of the local surroundings. Who Knows!

Watercolour on Arches 140 lb Not

Size 12” x 26 2 approx POA

“Tales of a past Life..”.




Fine Arts


Four watercolours  

“Ann Hathaway's Cottage”




Cottage at Alcester




“White Door”

Feckenham Village




“Home Made”

Feckenham Village



Fine Arts


 Public Opinion    Delph. Saddleworth

Watercolour size 14 x 20    POA.



Crossing Tib Lane...”

I love views that lead the eye, up and beyond towards a partial view of something grand or modern or just

in contrast to where we are at the moment. This view has that.

Complex detail stunning contrast and that beautiful sense of colour that is the trademark of watercolour.

The paper handles the detail and the washes, the overlays of colour on colour, adding density and texture until the image says that it is time to stop. The picture is complete.

Now the show begins.

Painted on Arches 140lb Not

Size 14 x 25 “ POA

  “Cathedral Close ...”  Manchester

The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George to give it it’s full title stands as a landmark in the history of Manchester. The surroundings are now standing for Victorian redevelopment and now the shock of the new. Glass and steel, Plastic and Carbon fibre creating a new era of drama to the passage of time. Have we got a jewel here or just something that was.

Painted on Fabriano 140 lb artistico  size 9” x 20” approx


  “Window Shoppers...” A jewel in Glass and Cast Iron, Barton arcade is a Victorian  masterpiece  that stands in amongst the finer of Manchester’s buildings. From the inside the light is complex and reflects off every facade, certainly a challenge to paint...

        Watercolour on Fabriano size 10 x 10” approx  POA

“Living by the Irwell...”

The River borders have been re-designed and old Victorian wharf-side  brick  storage warehouses have gone , but a few are now modern apartments. The Irwell starts very near to my home area and is only 39 miles long but leads into the major Manchester ship canal. This painting was from one of the central bridges .

Watercolour on Fabriano size 10” x 10” approx   POA

“ Lock 90 Bridgewater Canal...”

The Castlefield area of Manchester reaches back into Roman  occupation in the 1st century AD. Little remains now  thanks to the dominance of Victorian super development. The old is still used, rail and canal add great style and character and  pass sometimes un-noticed as the rush of city life goes by.

This watercolour is a Tour de Force of complexity  and detail.

Painted on Fabriano 140 lb Artistico size 17” x 25” POA

“View from St Georges Island...”This sizable watercolour was the view from my sons apartment at Castlefield.  The Tram passes by on it’s way to Old Trafford.

           Size 19 x 26” approx












“Garden...”  The old Victorian aches of the railway  that spans the Irwell and the Bridgewater Canal stands like some ancient dark dungeon. Brick upon brick, blackened by the years of smoke and smog of industry. Weed and rubble work to create a garden of forgotten peace, inhabited by the  odd tramp and down and out, and Artist, that realises that inspiration has come to him like a missile from afar.  A painting of immense  quality Watercolour on Fabriano 140 lb Artistico size 15  x 22” approx

                Available as a fine art Giclee Print

“High Summer...” Our man is on holiday, after three months down at the bus depot he finally gets a day off and how to fill it... Perhaps a day at the bowling green or a trip on the steam railway or perhaps a sit out with a cold beer. But wait on ,the fence needs painting and little  lad needs looking after as Mrs pops down to the shops. Well maybe next time.

Watercolour on Saunders 140 lb not paper size 16 x 16” approx


Four small watercolour studies

of Village cottages  All painted on Saunders waterford 140lb Not  Size 8” x 8.5”approx



Fine Arts



Mrs Bumble goes to Market...”  Burford  in Gloucestershire capitol of the Cotswolds.

Just passing by, a half timbered motor car. Old English motoring in just the right place.


Watercolour on Whatman 200 lb not paper  Size 9” x 28” approx

                             Also available as a fine art Giclee Print

e-mail     geoffbuttart@gmail .com


  “Forgotten Harvests...”

 “An Exercise in Rust...”
Two watercolours  These subjects were found locally, about a mile from my studio
In fields near some 17 century stone cottages. The farm is still there and is full of collapsed barns and sheds. All brilliant subjects. Have these two to be going on with.    Both 12 x 19 image size   Framed in Oak. POA