Landscape Gallery

“   Four days of Snow...”   
  This  watercolour  was  painted as a demonstration  whilst I was working in a Pop up Gallery in Rochdale  2014. Size approx 14 x 27 Inch           
Painting English landscapes has always been a great pleasure. Every County has a different feel and capturing the warmth and texture of each subject is both challenging, and rewarding.






        This garden is one of the country’s best. Divided by Hedge and wall, Banks and ditches, areas are entered though archways and arbors and all are unique. Even when busy you can find quiet solitude in the way that each separate garden is hidden. The Pool is my favourite.



Original Watercolour on Fabriano 300gm Not.  Size 68 x 33 cm image.

Framed and Mounted     POA



“Summer in Kent...”

One of my most favourite County’s where paintable subjects are endless and everywhere.

This is Fairbourne Mill, just a cockstride off the M20

Near Harrietsham.  Don,t dash through on the M20, get off and enjoy the sights.

Watercolour on Whatman Paper (made in Kent)

Size approx  Framed 26” x !8”

“Narrow boats at Breewood...”

The locals pronounce it as Brood, which is fun when you are trying to find it on a map, as well as road signs. If you do ever get there though it is well worth it.  The painting is of the Shropshire Union Canal.

Watercolour size  26 x 33 cms approx

“ Evensong...”  Tewkesbury Abbey.


Watercolour painting 2007

Viewed from the water meadows and mirrored in the River, the Abbey church built by the Normans still stands proud and undamaged after nearly a thousand years of turbulent history.

Beautifully framed in 2.5” silver and gold with ivory mount and gold fillet.

Overall size including frame 76 x 65 cm.

“Chagford Church...”The church of St Michael in the lovely Devon Village of Chagford in Dartmoor.

Watercolour size 5.5” x 18” approx

“Religion has it’s Place...”

The small  12th century church of St Andrew at Duntisbourne Abbots in the southern Cotswold's. Three Villages connected by a water road . Duntisbourne Leer , Duntisbourne Rouse  and the above.

This acrylic on paper is a view of this Church size 7” x 22”


‘Nothing but sheep...”

If you like solitude then Martindale is for you.

I have been painting this secluded valley for a number of years, and they all sell. This watercolour was in Beckstones Gallery for less than a month. Result!





“Winter Pines...”

Near Coniston  Not the full blown winter scene, more a heavy frost. The sheep are soaking up the sun and even the trees look happy...

Watercolour size 25 x 40 cms image.


“The Road to Middleham...”      

                            ...Thoralby, Yorkshire

This watercolour was painted after a Yorkshire outing and looks back down into Bishopdale and the tiny hamlet of Thoralby.

The idea of a wide panorama with no sky works because the atmosphere is woven into the colours

reflected onto the distant moors. The strong shadows and the beautiful colour tells us that summer is well and truly here.


Size  23 x 75 cms  image  on Arches 140 Not Paper.




“Here comes Trouble...”


Just by Lake Conniston lies this Cumbrian Farm, in the care of the National Trust and very much working it’s keep. Walk the path through, and up to the fells behind, and after just a couple of miles you will be at Tarn Howes.

That’s if the Farms guarding Geese don’t get you first.


Watercolour on Fabriano Rough Paper  Size Framed  37 x 17.5



“After the Harvest...” The small village of  Horsmonden in Kent , Oast houses, a Flint and Stone Church and a late summers day, not far off a Pub either... Perfect.

Watercolour size 18 x 9” approx                 POA



Fine Arts


“The Valley...”

    The  rugged border country between Lancashire and Yorkshire


Size approx 79 cm x 85 cm framed.  Fabriano Paper.


The Pool,  Hidcote.”  


“Just for the View...”

And boy what a view, Ullswater from high on the winding pass over to Martindale. The ferry comes and goes and the whole scene colours and changes under the drifting clouds

Watercolour on Fabriano 300 lb Stucco  size 14.5 x 26.5 Inches

 “Slowley into evening..” The isolated hamlet  of Stonethwaite. in Borrowdale , perfectly still and peaceful as the autumn afternoon winds down.

     Watercolour on Saunders waterford 140 lb paper

      Image Size 23 x 50 cms



“Arrival at ‘Brood...”           This painting won the public vote in the 2015 Birmingham Watercolour Society summer exhibition at Hanbury Hall.

Watercolour on Fabriano 140 lb artistico

Size  17” x  23” approx




“Postbridge “ Dartmoor

Near Dartmoor prison stands this age old clapper bridge, hiding place and public attraction , and something to paint too.


Watercolour on Fabriano 200 lb Stucco Paper

“The Days we remember...” Down in Wiltshire, not far from Castle Combe lies the small hamlet of Nettleton, those long summer days were always full of adventure. Everyone should have those times.

Watercolour on Whatman paper size  11” x 19.5 “ approx.  POA

“Cottages at Avebury”

These cottages are no age compared to the rest of Avebury, around 4000 years separate  one from the other, each vies for attraction.

 Watercolour on Whatman paper size 9” x 27”approx  POA

“Cold Comfort...”

Last winter was fairly mild but when it  did snow it is time to get out  to capture that stunning light.  These two paintings do just that. Both off the beaten track, capturing the farms that settle high up in the Lancashire Pennines.

Watercolour on Fabriano 140lb artistico  size 11” x 27” approx


“A Winter Breakfast...”



High up in the Pennine's again on Blackstone Edge. Melting snow and trampled soil , broken walls and beaten trees hammered by the wind and rain. A hard land, not the  soft, rich lowland pastures of the south. This painting captures it all. Not pretty but pretty real.


Painted in pure watercolour on Fabriano 140lb  artistico

Size 13” x  29”

  “The Earthstone... Avebury.”

  The circle of stones at Avebury hold secrets that can never be unlocked.

 Only the spirit world speaks to those who can listen, those who descend from those who built.

         Watercolour on Whatman paper size 9” x 27”approx  POA

The Everchanging Light


 High over the Town of Chagford, the strange outcrops of Dartmoors Tors form this dramatic viewpoint. The days moods change in an ever moving flow of sunshine and rain, blessed with a view like this who could complain. Far away the rains shift and the sun burns through the lowering clouds.

Winner at Birmingham Watercolour society summer show 2013.

Watercolour on Arches 140 lb rough paper size 16 x 21” approx POA

“Into The Dales...”

From the small village of Horton in Ribblesdale a path leads out and up past limestone walls and sheep dotted pastures. Time worn trees struggle out of the stone and gradually the massive dramatic bulk of Pen-y-Ghent looms into view. This was as far as I got, I went back for a brew!

Watercolour on Saunders Waterford 140 lb size 8.5” x 28” approx POA


“Life in Langdale...”

 The lake district has some spectacular hidden gems that have to be  explored on the minor roads to get the rewards. The Langdale valleys, both Little and Great are  two such. High crags and rugged fells and little signs of life but explore them and you find farms and cottages and Inns. Everything is here  in secluded rugged beauty.

     Watercolour on Fabriano 300 lb  Artistico size 16 x 26.5 Inches

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